Uses of paracord

The paracord is actually a multi-versatile material, so the list of its uses is endless. From improvised handles for carrying a block of wood to the wristband of an Apple Watch, to a mobile phone case.

set kit pararoc de pesca

A very versatile cord

The strength of the paracord and its high range of colours make it the ideal companion for various trades.

Many creatives have specialized in the design of accessories and especially of bracelets and bracelets, key chains and lanyards. On Youtube you can find many channels of these artists who create their own knots and braids. And thanks to them if you want to spend your free time to make your own creations you can do it with relative ease. In Instagram we also have examples of designers who have managed to create great works of art, proving that with paracord you can even become professional and create your own business.

Knots and types of paracord braids

There are as many types of paracord braiding as the imagination would like. Through trial and error, an infinite number of designs can be made, so we are going to focus only on the most common ones. All of them present, in our opinion, an easy to moderate difficulty, being easier to carry out if we have the appropriate tools, but they are not essential.

Solomon / Cobra braid

If you are looking for any paracord bracelet, you will find the Solomon / Cobra braid as the most used. It is the quintessential type of braiding for normal and survival bracelets. There is a variation called double Solomon or double Cobra which is made by replicating the braid by deforming it twice over the original.

paracord bracelet
Salomón / Cobra
doble cobra
Double Salomón / Cobra

Other types of braids

Here is an image gallery with other types of paracord braiding.

paracord checker


paracord trilobite rojo y negro


paracord fishtail


paracord helix


paracord jagged


paracord lizard


paracord sawtooth


paracord square braid


paracord braid